Human Imagination – The "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" Special Sense.

Human Imagination’ has allowed mankind to delve into the secrets of the universe – to behold the wonders of the nature. It is our Seventh Sense – it created the “Mind” of mankind!

We all know about the five senses but there is also the very important sense of balance which I always include as another of our vital animal senses, for a total of six senses. We share these senses; – sight, smell, hearing, feeling, taste and balance, with the other animals. These are the senses that are vital for animal survival. They are the vital contacts between our physical body and the environment that surrounds it.

They tell us what is happening to our body, they are our brain’s contact with the outside world. They tell us of our spatial orientation, whether we are hot or cold, if the food is good or bad, sweet or sour. They help us hunt for food (see, smell, listen). They warn us of impending danger. All these senses are extremely vital for our well being and survival. We could not survive without them. We share these six senses with the other animals.

Humans have all these senses, although they may not be as keen as some of the other animals. We may not be able to see as good as an eagle nor is our nose as sensitive as a bloodhound, but our animal senses are sufficient for our survival. The higher animals also have a learning imagination, they learn from their parents, enough so that they may survive and prosper, but that’s about all. They do not progress beyond a minimal amount although some primates have been able to learn more when taught by humans.

In addition to the animal senses, nature has bestowed a very special extra sense on to human beings. This “seventh sense” is Human Imagination – an immensely powerful imagination. It is the ability to visualize things within our mind that has not yet occurred or may never occur – to imagine. It is not vital to our survival – the Neanderthals survived remarkably well without this “seventh sense”. It is a very special gift however because it has allowed a common animal, such as we are, to peer beyond the veil and see startling new worlds never before seen by any animal on the planet.

The evolution of millions of new cells in the human brain created the potential of millions of new pathways to become possible. This ‘final evolution’ created a powerful new brain that would allow human beings to become aware of the wonders that surrounded them. We had become ‘imaginative beings’. It was like a primitive radio evolving into a modern color television set. It separated the human animal from all the other animals on the planet and yet physically, we remain just a common animal.

This “seventh sense” has opened new worlds for mankind to explore and comprehend. It has allowed mankind to reach out beyond the very narrow animal world into a vast new universe – to visualize and comprehend the wonders of nature.

Human Imagination has allowed mankind to climb from the valley of the ordinary to the peak of the mountain, where all of nature’s wonders lay before it. Mankind’s powerful imagination allows us to “see” deep into the secrets of nature, to think abstract thoughts, to associate marks on a paper (writing) with objects and profound ideas of other human beings, to communicate with other people, to create beautiful art and music.

It has increased our cognitive powers enormously. It has given mankind a tremendous advantage over all other life on this planet – it has allowed us to take control of our own destiny to a large extent. We can look at a collection of colors dabbed on a canvas and perceive it as a beautiful painting, a work of art.

Human imagination allows us to “see” into the past or “imagine” the future. It allows us to perceive the beauty of nature’s creativity. It has allowed mankind to create and progress, over the ages. Mankind’s creative imagination has made it possible to create a constant progression of new technology. It allowed mankind to discover secret worlds of nature that no one has ever even knew existed before – the telescopic world of astronomy, the microscopic worlds of microbes and molecules, the electromagnetic spectrum, etc..

“Homo Imaginative Sapiens” best describes our species, imagination is the critical part of human nature.

All human progress requires imagination. Without imagination our species would not exist as we know it. There would be no science or philosophy or supernatural speculation; Gods, devils, angels, religions, myths, stories, etc. Imagination is the key to human understanding and progress. Imagination revealed the secrets of the universe to Homo Sapiens species.

Without a powerful creative imagination none of our famous philosopher scientists would have existed. The ancient Greek science philosophers (Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Archimedies, etc.) would not have existed nor any of our other superminds such as Galileo, Michael Angeleo, Leonardo DaVinci, Isaac Newton, Faraday, Tesla, Einstein and thousands of other imaginative superminds who contributed to human progress down through the ages. The common thread among all these brilliant people was their superior imagination. They all were a critical part of the “MIND” of mankind’s march of progress.

No other animal has this powerful “creative imagination power” it is strictly a human dominion. Its sensors are the billions of pathways located in the cortex the Homo Sapien’s enlarged brain. “Human Imagination” allowed people to communicate their ideas to other people, across time and place, and so to progress through the ages. It was a quantum leap in animal evolution. The only other quantum leap that can be compared to it was when the existence of life, on Earth, began.

Donald L. Hamilton – author of: “THE MIND OF MANKIND, Human Imagination, the source of Mankind’s tremendous power!” Develop a Powerful Creative Imagination.

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