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Unless you have this horrific affliction, you can not fathom the torture.
You can not fathom the insanity of plasmids/dna, filaments, probes replicating inside you. You can not imagine what it’s like to see things being produced by your body that it was not intended to do. You can not fathom the psychological trauma it causes in EVERY area of your life…EVERY area. We have been mocked, we have been described as delusional, we have been experimented on – by? DoD, DARPA, Monsanto, WHO?
Does it matter WHO? What matters is how sinister, how evil, how low life scum have sold their very souls to achieve their purposes. They are no bigger or better than the biofilm/nano they have infected us with. Scum with very tiny balls. The irony is they probably don’t recognize humans have souls. Transhumanism? I would rather be dead and my soul in God’s hands than trust these gouls control over my genetics. The difference being I trust the Lord. These pathetic, genetically defective, poor excuses for human beings that have no morality, no conscience, NO SOUL. They are like cancer cells – to show how IGNORANT, cancer is a parasite feeding off it’s host til the host dies, which for the cancer, is suicidal from the onset! THAT is ignorant.
Nanotechnology is a three trillion dollar industry in the USA – that’s a lot of buckyballs. They’ve bought off EPA, USDA, NIH, CDC – Congress. The idea that we are a free nation with a constitution is the delusion. These powers that be will be saying, “rocks, fall down on us and hide us from the wrath of the Lord” – their underground labs, cities, fortresses, will be THEIR tombs. I am sick to death of the cowards, the poor hypnotised masses, the direction we are surely heading. The reality tptb are trying to create is not going to occur. There is one who has marketed the corner on reality/words, the WORD…and His reality will be manifest – not theirs, thank God! And for the perpetraitors that have done everything they can to protect their a$$$$$$$, and made themselves think they were gods, don’t they see this nightmare will be upon their own?

What’s next, pandemic? Something obviously. The silence and stalling speaks volumes. They have a rover on Mars landing precisely where there is ice, for Christ sake! They know exactly what this is!!!**

Go to Lymebusters.com and see under admin threads where Mark Darrah is looking for access to a lab and raman scope, while there try to imagine the images posted growing and replicating inside yourself. What these moving filaments feel like under your skin…just for a minute, try…

Please, there must be a microbiologist that can step up to the plate and offer assistance. You might be very glad you did in the future. We are all connected but not by nano lattices, capiche? Someone must still recognize what is right morally, please help.


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