Why Global Warming Shouldnt Matter

Our globe has been around for quite some time. In fact we have a pretty good idea to our globe’s climate for about the past 1 million years. We know the past 1 million years we have had polar ice. I understand the fact that this polar ice that has been around for a million years is disappearing is alarming but, our planet has been around for hundreds of millions of years. We know certain creatures lived on this planet for most of this time.

Since creatures lived on this planet for hundreds of millions of years i think it is quite obvious that we as humans, having infinite more wisdom than our predesescors shouldn’t worry to much. We have the technology to live for millions of years. We also have the technology to bring our worlds developing countries up to a standard far greater than current levels.

I believe focusing any of our resources on something so ridiculous as global warming is at best a political catastrophe. We should be focusing on bringing controlled energy to developing countries so they can bring themselves out of poverty. We should allow these developing countries to develope. We should allow these countries to flourish with out our countries trying to push political ideas upon them. We should allow these countries to use any and all technologies to we have developed to bring themselves to a certain standard of living.

Until the poorest countries have reached this standard of health and living I think it is ridiculous to worry about problems that will not affect us for hundreds of years. Even then their most dramatic effects will be far less obvious than many other more important issues.

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