Automobile exhaust effect on health

Automobile exhaust pollutants mainly include: carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, smoke and dust particles (some heavy metal compounds, lead compounds, smoke and mist), smell (formaldehyde). According to statistics, 1,000 cars per day of carbon monoxide from about 3000 kg, hydrocarbons 200-400 kg, nitrogen oxides 50-150 kg; U.S. city of Los Angeles automobile emissions from mobile sources of pollution of air pollutants account for 90 percent of the total. Automobile exhaust air pollution is the “culprit.”
Automobile exhaust the main hazard is a photochemical smog. Automobile exhaust in the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the sun under a chemical reaction to produce ozone, and other elements in the atmosphere on the formation of photochemical smog. The health hazards of its main performance to stimulate the eyes, caused Hongyan Bing; stimulate the nose, throat, trachea and lungs and cause chronic respiratory diseases. Photochemical smog can withered trees, a large number of crops production; can reduce the visibility of the atmosphere, the traffic impact.
Automobile exhaust in the highest content of carbon monoxide, it can enter the respiratory alveolar, the blood absorption, and the combination of hemoglobin, the oxygen formation of hemoglobin, lowering blood containing oxygen, weaken the blood of the oxygen supply of human tissue, leading to hypoxia , Thus leading to symptoms such as headaches, weight, choked to death.
Automobile exhaust of nitrogen oxides in less, but significant toxicity, its toxicity is three times the sulphur oxides. Nitrogen oxides into the alveolar, can form nitrite and nitrate, the lung tissue of a dramatic boost, increasing the pulmonary capillary permeability Promotion bag, the final result of emphysema. Nitrite combined with the hemoglobin, hemoglobin formation of the high-speed railway, cause hypoxia.
In automobile exhaust has more than 200 kinds of hydrocarbons, which C2H4 atmospheric concentrations of 0.5 ppm (one hundred thousandth), some plants can dysplasia. Automobile exhaust also found that 32 kinds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,Tote Bag including 3,4 – benzopyrene, and other carcinogenic substances. Benzopyrene in the air when the concentration of 0.012 ug/m3, residents in the number of lung cancer will be increased significantly. From the road near the highway traffic volume is, the higher the mortality rate of lung cancer.
Automobile exhaust in the sulfur dioxide and suspended particles, which will increase the incidence of chronic respiratory disease, damage to lung function. Content of Paper Bag dioxide in the atmosphere too high, the precipitation will be formed with “acid rain.”
Automobile exhaust in the lead compounds can enter the blood with respiratory and rapid accumulation of human bones and teeth, they interfere with the synthesis of hemoglobin, the red blood cell invasion, cause anemia; damage to the nervous system, serious damage to brain cells, caused brain damage . When the children’s blood lead concentration of 0.6 ~ 0.8 ppm, would affect children’s growth and mental development, and even dementia symptoms. Lead can enter the body through the placenta and endanger the fetus.

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