HIV treatement via mutation

VIRUS…the biggest threat to a living cell. It hijack the host cell and take over on its RNA and DNA, and then attach its Genetic Code with its DNA and replicate itself as normal cells does…but it kills it’s host…
HIV virus does the same thing.
Its origin is suspected from Animals, like chimps…and then it accidentally enters to human body. It kills human body, after 5 to 10 years of the infection, the person fell ill. Alike in chimps, where they don’t feel ill, like humans. Their DNA is 99% similar to the Human DNA, but they don’t fell ill, because of 1%.

HIV behaves like a Computer virus, where it is toxic in one type of the operating system, but ineffective in other operating system, here lies its treatment or prevention. If scientist can make our cell like Chimp cells, with the help of mutation, then we can have a hope to treat this untreated disease. If some part of our DNA could be changed, that does not have much effect of human. Then we may treat this disease. I know it could arise some problems and may work.
Some of the studies show that there are possibilities in this idea. And we should encourage the scientist to do this.

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