UFO- The Future Challenge

Welcome ,here i will give you the reasons why i have chosen this topic to discuss with you.To put it the first place,i still didn’t understand the perfect reason why it is called a “unidentified” flying object as there were/are plenty of cases registered about witnessing this so called Alien space craft.As told in a book named “The Secrets of the Saucers”,by Mr.Orfeo Angelussi,who witnessed the spacecraft(May 23 1952) and was told by the aliens(yes,he had a direct conversation with the aliens which he mentioned in the same book) that the design was so genuine which needs high degree of precision and control over the stability is highly difficult for the earthlings.So designing such a perfect spacecraft will definitely be a challenge.And who knows this genuine structure might become a means of transport to travel large distances and even helps to meet our relatives living in other planet in the coming centuries.wouldn’t u agree with me?

How does it look like———————-

As stated by those who had close encounter with these unique structures,these take the shape of an ellipsoid(remember the blockbuster “Independence day”)spheroid,boomerang,triangle.These travel at a speed of light[1] which is quite contrast to that stated as an impossible factor by Sir. Albert Einstein,in his theory of relativity,who can be regarded as a synonym to genius.They can explode and implode at any time and changes apparently colors at any instant.

How will it work————————

To put this in a nut shell ,i will help you understand in a much better way. First of all how does an aircraft fly?When air is allowed to flow over the aerodynamically designed aircraft,unsymmetrical pressure distribution over the upper and lower surfaces of the aircraft(wing) produce a aerodynamic force and generate motion. In the case of a space ship,cosmic rays plays a vital role in generating the motion.It plays the role of “air” as in the case of aircraft lift.You may put me a question that after all cosmic rays does not comes under a fluid category. Of course but still these rays are a combination of high energy particles and interact strongly in electro magnetic field to generate motion

Space ships are made of highly attenuated(weaker) densities and the cosmic rays must be deviated from its core structure to sustain motion.For this they are not made of too much lead which helps cosmic rays to easily penetrate into the ship.Space ship hulls are not much more than many layers of skins made of plastic crystal substance.Some layers are positively ionized and some negative.These are insulated from each other with neutral layers between them.The approaching cosmic rays are rendered unstable by the surrounding magnetic field about the ship.upon reaching the hull they are completely shattered.This might be one of the reason behind its motion.Similar to those observed as wingtip vortices and wakes,cosmic rays produce their own magnetic wakes and vortices around the ship,which proves my comparison is to be right.

What is a mother ship———————-

Recalling the climax of the independence day,where we see our heroes fighting with the mother ship,is the one which controls these smaller ships.The master beam from the mother ship,which can be sort out by these space ships,also helps to maintain the motion and veer in right angle turns without effecting the disk.

What is our next step towards it————

I am not discussing this topic to make you believe the existence of the aliens or the mother ship,because i have had never witnessed them even in my dream,but definitely the design might persist.So engraving the complicated tasks in the history through our names would be a matter of our life and for that I am ready to dedicate my life.. i feel that the design yet didn’t reach a nominal progress.And remember that these objects and their physical concepts defy our popular laws of physics such as Law of conservation of momentum,Newton’s gravity and as mentioned before the Theory of Relativity.Though there are many organizations which focus their mirrors and reflectors to gaze at the ever expanding universe to catch the glimpse of this design,yet they couldn’t find a extensive report on its existence,because of its puzzling orientation.

ready for a challenge.


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