Morgellons Findings

This website contains a research publication regarding Morgellons.

Implications are not good. This is an excellent article, with the research being available for quite a while, yet NO ONE will step up to the plate? To you genetic engineers – you should be the FIRST to try the New and Improved versions of your creations before they are tested on an unwitting, unconsenting innocent population. Good Karma.

Although I believe this is part of the jigsaw puzzle, it still does not account for the nanotech also being retrieved from our bodies. Hummmmm, makes you wonder if we’re guinea pigs in the field so to speak. You remember those Taco Bell chips that were “accidentally” fed to consumers? Yeah.

Sprinkle some biosensors into the mix for monitoring purposes – and see how the gene transfer affects people over the long term, yeah, that’s the ticket…with so many sensors being dispersed throughout the environment you have to wonder if we aren’t all with some “lab on a chip” replicating in us.

Oh another thing, that multi-species chimeric organism…morphs quite frequently; intended?

We seem to have a “little of everything” in this batch. Fungus, bacteria, insect, animal, human….etc, so if you don’t aggresively attack it from all genetic fronts, you are wasting your time trying to stop it. Gee, how “novel!” An organism that would sure be interesting to monitor over a long period of time….like Tuskegee, wasn’t that a 20 year study?

Are all scientists owned???? Do any realize what horrific suffering we go through daily and what torture it is to have Morgellons? It is then so concealed and denied because whoever is responsible for this would be cast into the bottomless pit for sure….couldn’t afford that now, too many grants and funding and payoffs lost. I guess everyone capable of helping us is afraid of being excommunicated or “worse?” WHY is it always about the mammon?! So very wrong.


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