See Morgellons for yourself

Here are links to videos and images of the filaments, chips, organisms that are coming out of all of us who have this Morgellons affliction. It is worth your time to look. These images are disturbing and troublesome to see.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG0yel3Ynms&feature=related (see all the related on side links)




http://images.google.com/images?gbv=2&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=morgellons&start=20&sa=N&ndsp=20 (images, links)


Everyone who has the lesions shares these same “artifacts” and if you got us all together with our samples you would be guaranteed the same “things” being pulled from our bodies. All of us have many “white” bleach scars where the melanin is “no more”, where lesions have healed. This is universal. The CDC has given the research to the Kaiser Permanente CORPORATON who won’t even bust out a Ramen Scope for the pittance that was handed to them ($300,000) because they DON’T want to find it. WHY DON’T they want to find it? Because they already KNOW what it is. They are doing their best to debunk, detour, and destroy.
There is a MAJOR cover up when there is this much evidence available and they WON’T identify it? As I said, so much is at stake for the ptb and the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ it would cost them. The creators and perpetraitors of this horror are delusional – lying to everyone with the justification that the benefits outweigh the risks…

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself, then everyone you know.

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