Lupus successfully treated with omega-3 fish oil

Dr. Stephen Wright, a researcher in Belfast, Ireland has successfully treated Lupus (an abbreviation of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), a potentially-fatal autoimmune disorder that can affect many different organs, with low doses of omega-3 fish oil. Symptoms can include joint and muscle aches or pain, permanent rashes on the cheek, kidney problems, extreme fatigue, ulcers, hair loss, flu-like symptoms, depression and more.

“Part of my work was to investigate different aspects of vascular disease (blood vessels) in patients with lupus by studying the function of the cells lining the blood vessels,” he said.

“I was able to show that in patients with lupus there was an impaired function that could be improved by Omega-3 fish oils.”

Patients that took fish oil, even at low doses, “showed improvement in blood vessel function and a reduction in cell damaging molecules.” Patients also reported far fewer incidents of “fatigue, joint pain, rashes, mouth ulcers and headaches.”

For his research on fish oil and lupus, Dr. Wright received the Irish Society for Rheumatology’s Young Investigator of the Year Award.

Source: Lupus Breakthrough with Fish Oil

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