Well…What do you think?

Well, I have a few minutes to kill before I fall asleep, and I am exhausted and bored, and thats a dangerous combination. Because thats generally when my mind starts thinking about wierd trippy stuff.

Like.. What if there aren’t just gravity wells.. What if lines of force in magnetism are in actuality, magnetic wells, and all the various spots of time intersecting with matter are time wells.

We already know that time can be curved. So, why couldn’t certain events or causalities be curved time or curved time/space..

To a certain extent, that would explain why some things seem inevitable no matter what you do. Predestination may just be a divot in time.

Similarly, magnetism is a curve. Two like polarity curves repel each other because they are on the same polar plane…its like putting the brims of two bowler hats on a table..no matter how you force them together, they won’t stack. Two opposing polarities curves attract each other because they don’t start on the same plane. For example, the positive bowler hat stays on the table, but the negative bowler hat is lined up so the brim or top of the hat continues the surface plane of the table. Push the positive bowler to the negative bowler, and it will drop and stack onto the negative bowler.

But keep in mind, this demo is not perfect. If you consider the bowler on the desk to positive no matter what, and the bowler on the same plane as the desk to be negative no matter what, you will find that sliding the positive bowler with the top of the hat on the desk while the negative bowler is oriented with the brim down and top of the hat up, that they repel again.

Further more, I mentioned my proof of the magnetic curve be that the one of the hats drops and stacks. Well, if you have the brim facing down on the desk, and the brim facing up on the desk plane, then there is no stacking.

Because of these two conditions, I have decided that to make this thought process make sense, You have to use a double standard for the polarities on each plane. For example, on the desk, a bowler with the brim on the desk is positive, and a bowler with its brim in the air is negative. But at the desk plane, a bowler with the brim up is positive, and a bowler with the brim down is negative. This way, attraction is a result of stacking.


On Desk Desk Plane Result
Brim down(+) Brim up(+) Repel
Brim up (-) Brim up(+) Attract
Brim down (+) Brim down (-) Attract
Brim up (-) Brim down (-) Repel

The stronger the magnetic force, the deeper the well will be, and the bigger the radius of the event horizon of the well. The bigger the event horizon is, he wider the birth two repelling objects will try to give eachother. Think of two people too fat to get close enough to eachother to hug or kiss. That is why the repelling speed and forc seems unproportional to the size of the two magnetic objects.

I will eventually form similar thought processes for time, but right now, my exhaustion is starting to overtake my desire to spout off.. So for now, what do you think? Anything to take my thoughts further, or to refute them?

I look forward to hearing from you…

(I am busy beaming my Martian cousins to a remote hidden location in AZ so that the Phoenix probe lander thingee doesn’t find them….shhhhhh! Don’t let those NASA geeks know!)

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