Latest Info on Morgellons Tonight

The headliner is that “Morgellons is spreading fast!”

That website has a database that has the most information regarding this PLAGUE. Anyone who wishes to enlighten their minds needs to research this “so sequestered” affliction. There is a major coverup going on and you have to wonder, what price we (that includes the entire human race) will pay for the truth.

With regards to my previous posts citing Lymebusters….seems there has been a re-arrangement of threads. You need to go to “Home” and scroll down through for the “posts worthy of reading.” Appears more sequestering of the truth is being applied. And my question regarding the Morgellons Research Foundation is the same as the LOCKED thread “Do You Wonder” – (posted at Lymbebusters) How can you not? GlennB, Godsgrace – thank you for asking the oh so obvious. If a foundation that is supposed to be working on our behalf can’t even produce a monthly update, or answer questions as to what exactly they are doing, especially when our lives are affected from this, needs to be held accountable. Schills everywhere. More diversion from TPTB.
I am not a nutter. I am a very very perceptive and aware individual. Where are the blue skies and normal clouds? If you wonder why I ask, then you have probably been “integrated properly!!” Anyone with a half a brain cell that is functional should be questioning “what the hell is going on?!”

This is my “longer than a week” update.


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