New Online Evaluation of Laminated Composite Stiffnesses

The website input form begins with the input boxes for the mechanical properties of the each constituent namely the Fiber properties and the Matrix properties.

After the Mechanical and Physical properties are entered,A choice of up to 10 Plies are available. To use less then 10 plies simply enter the ply angles from top to bottom leaving the remaining unused plies blank.

If the stacking sequence of the Beam investigated is either unidirectional unbalanced or symmetric stacking sequence, the effective rigidities of the laminated composite beam namely Effective, Bending Rigidity, EI, Effective, Torsional Rigidity, GJ, and coupled bending-torsion Rigidity, K. Simply Click Calculate and the composite stiffness will be generated instantly.

Depending on the stacking sequence different couplings can arise by looking into the Bending, Axial, and Coupling Matrices that are produced.

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