The MATRIX deciphered

People can organize themselves based on their emotional family role, or in their innate way they are embodied in a lifefulfilling way, or surfing on the information flood, void of substance. In the latter case closed systems emerge, which are self-destructive for those involved. The signs are on almost all walls!

In fact the Austrian philosopher Karl Popper speaks of “The Curse of Mankind“. In modern terms that is the MATRIX in which real human beings and their collective are confined. None of the organized science can set itself beyond it to overcome it; they are organized to perpetuate it at all costs! The proof is overwhelming, the consequences threatening on all levels.

I am looking for qualified people aware of this and open for the necessary approach, which can reframe the MATRIX of the prevailing forms of organizations which despise real people toward LifeFulfilling-Platforms to allow life- through task-fulfillment.

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