Gravity Analogy problem

Newton said Gravity is a FORCE. That is why two masses attract. Einstein said there is no gravitational force, just warped space time that causes the illusion of “attraction” between masses. The analogy used to explain space time is some version of a bowling ball on a trampoline. This causes a depression. Now roll a tennis ball onto the trampoline and it moves around the bowling ball just like it is being attracted to it, but there is no attractive force, just warped space time… says the analogy.
Here is my question : This analogy lets Einstein off the hook by ROLLING the tennis ball onto the trampoline. Putting the tennis ball in motion takes energy, given by the tried and true formula F=MA. Now just place the tennis ball on the trampoline but with ZERO motion relative to the trampoline. Since there is no Gravitational Force according to Einstein then there is nothing to make the tennis ball accelerate toward the bowling ball. It would just hang there on the sloped depression around the bowling ball, but not move toward it if there is no force. The law of force is always obeyed.. no force = no acceleration, no acceleration means no movement by the tennis ball. Same for holding a tennis ball and dropping it.. why does it hit the floor if I hold it perfectly still and then let it go ? Why did it accelerate ? Force of gravity is not an option, remember ?
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