The life and the space. The Universal Waves Theory

The Universal theory of Waves. (The law of Existence and Development of Essence)

What is the principal property of the matter?
What is the key property of the matter?
What is the key property of the ideal substance?

First of all I propose that the matter is complex of atoms (and/or elementary particles ) and energy fields. If we adopt the scientific term for the energy: the energy consist of material particles ( atoms, etc.) and any power fields. It is possible. (E =mc2). It might be biological field yet.
Second, I propose to have specific word: Essence– “S”
“S’ is the matter and ( plus ) mental processes ( ideal substance ).
Substances of the matter have different properties, depending on connections of elements. There are different FORMS AND QUALITIES.
The science gives us a lot evidence for this new knowledge.
The construction of Microsystems is same Microsystems (a space).
We know the construction of an atom.
We know the dual properties of the electron. The electron is the particle. The electron is the wave.

I propose a new position for all substances of matter and ideal substances, for the ESSENCE.
“S” has universal property: it is quality of wave.
“S” has all properties of wave.
There is the theoretical function for S:
F =f (n, A)
n — is the frequency of wave
A — is amplitude of wave.
F– is the function of “S’.
We understand that different substances have different frequency and amplitude.

First substance has frequency number 1 and amplitude number 1
Second substance has frequency number 2 and amplitude number 2

We have functions
f (1) = f (2) or f(1) =/= f(2)
If we have f (1)= f (2) it is means we have frequency of wave of number 2 identical to frequency of wave of number 1. We have the condition for resonance of waves. The second case does not have the resonance condition.
It is very important property for all harmonic relationship of particles of Essence.


1. All substances and processes are directed by wave law.
2. The development of the world (space) is processing on wave trace. The development of the World goes in line with the wave-function.
It is not the spiral it is the wave with different frequency and amplitude. Next step of the civilization has specific frequency and Amplitude.
3. All particle (object and subject ) has specific frequency of its processing.

All world processes are directed by a wave.

Dr.Valery Hrytsuk, Belarus.

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