NSF funds Engineering Scholarships

NSF funds Engineering Scholarships

I received a link to this article from a blog reader about a new National Science Foundation funded scholarship program at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. The new scholarship program benefits the Engineering Program at this University: The article – NSF funding engineering at SIUE.

This is a great thing and especially rare. For the most part, NSF primarily throws money at science faculty (professors and departments) and at graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. NSF does offer a lot incentives and money for summer programs for undergrads, but college scholarships for undergrads — I’d never heard of it before today — and I am not ashamed to admit I have received a huge chunk of NSF money!

But this is very exciting….So, if you’re a college-bound student interested in Engineering, you should definitely consider applying to this university and apply for this very lucrative scholarship. NSBE people, are you tuned in?

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