Omega-3 Better than Cholesterol Medication for Chronic Heart Failure

There is now a breakthrough treatment available for those suffering from Chronic Heart Failure, and no, it doesn’t come from a drug company.

A Germany study published Lancet journal found omega-3 fish oil to be more effective than cholesterol medications for this condition for which there are very few options for treatment.

Details from the study:

Italian researchers gave nearly 3,500 patients a daily omega-3 pill, a prescription-formulation pill derived from fish oils, produced by Norway’s Pronova BioPharma.

Roughly the same number of patients were given placebo pills. Patients were followed for an average of four years.

In the group of patients taking the fish oil pills, 1,981 died of heart failure or were admitted to the hospital with the problem. In the patients on placebo pills, 2,053 died or were admitted to the hospital for heart failure.

In a parallel study, the same team of Italian doctors gave 2,285 patients the drug rosuvastatin, also known as Crestor, and gave placebo pills to 2,289 people. Patients were then tracked for about four years. The doctors found little difference in heart failure rates between the two groups.

The researchers concluded that omega-3 was more effective than cholesterol meds for heart failure.

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