Im 38 minutes old!

Dear new friends and AQT! Im honored to have been invited to this place, thankyou! Its early Saturday morning and already I have had too much coffee! Ive said some prayers, positive affirmations and joined you people! I have Morgs, have had it for over 10 years. I can see how I was itchy and uncomfortable though right from birth. My mom was dealing with an infection when giving birth so I was born with it too. All four of my kids have this. My sisters family, my mom, my exboyfriend. ( whom is still my friend ). Ive searched right from the begining. Ive also searched my God, our God and have found the quiet answers along the way. Im here to give and take the knowledge and love we can share. Thankyou again for having me! Peace and love to all for now and always! P4MK

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