Something better than human thinking in the universe?

Look at the sky. Can you be sure that some planets, up-there, have not been created with something better than human thinking?

We like to believe that we are the owners of the universe. We dominate the world because we can think and nobody else can. We are the Landlord of the world and NASA is making a map of our domain. Is that reasonable?

Twenty three centuries ago Euclid gave us the idea of a simple cube in which we can build anything. We like simple ideas. We loved his cube. It became our jail. A comfortable jail but a jail all the same. It has been the environment in which we developed our thinking.
NASA may come back with disturbing news. You don’t have to go very far to see that the stars do not have much use for Euclid’s straight lines, perfect circles, right angles and little cubes. They follow other guidelines. They have black holes, grey matter, electromagnetic fields… Their world seems to be much more sophisticated than ours. Some of them could have something better than thinking. Some could even have something better than… something better than thinking… That would open the door to many more levels above us.

A new concept:
We were told, at school, that there are 3 levels below us: Matter – Plants and Animals. There seem to be room, up-there, for many more levels above us. What would you think of a universe built like the staircase? Something like our DNA? We are on the fourth step above matter, plants and animals. There may be several more steps above us and god may be standing on top of the staircase. Do you remember being told about Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim…? Did we neglect something on our way to civilization?

As far as we can tell, each level can use and abuse the levels below it. Plants are only worth the price we can sell them. We feel free to protect some species and exterminate others. We never asked ourselves if that could also apply to the level above us. Did we survive on earth because we serve the needs of Level 5? Do we live under THEIR influence like we live under the influence of the weather? Is it our role to take care of the levels below us like we would expect the level above to take care of us? Are we the gardeners of the gods? Who is in charge of the weather anyway? Instead of fighting each other in endless wars, we may consider that all humans are in the same boat. Instead of pretending to be the master of our ship we may want to master the wind blowing in our sails. Discovering other stars may lead to some surprising discoveries about our selves. The way we think about spirituality and our place in the universe may have to change.

I know that this is far from scientific rigor. It is nothing more than an extrapolation. Scientists do that too, don’t they? Nature gives us four steps and we make one more step in the same direction. We are getting out of Euclid’s box and start walking in the vast universe. “A little step in space but a great step for mankind… “

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