When i was a kid my favorite dino was the t-rex. I loved the to play with my toy t-rex and pretend that i ruled the forest. I loved the thaught of being able to stomp around and push over trees or whatever i wanted and no one could say any thing! Now that i am older i no longer play with toy dinosaurs, but i am still just as interested in how they lived. For a while i have been thinking about the t rex. how did it realy look? where did it realy live?? are we wrong? did it realy go around stalking and preying on animals in the forest or around swamps? And what is the deal with those little arms? I looked at pictures and drawings of it running, eating, standing, and pictures of its skeleton. it all still looked so weird. that is until i pictured it floating along in the water like a gator. look at its skeleton. It has a long tail, perfect for pushing it along in the water. its arms and legs remind me of a frog. the short arms for steering and the long legs for powerful strides. if you picture the body, it looks like it could be very quick in the water. was it a form of gator or crockodile? just a thaught.

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