Take 30 Seconds to Save Sea Turtles

I like to pride myself on knowing a lot about the marine realm, graduating with a degree in Marine Science and all. But this, I didn’t know: It is legal to kill sea turtles in the Bahamas.

All seven species of sea turtle are endangered (“threatened” or worse on the IUCN red list), with three critically endangered. Five of the seven species, including the critically endangered leatherback and hawksbill turtles, are found within the waters of the Bahamas, where they are legally fished.

Oceana, the international ocean conservation group, are making a push to try and prohibit the fishing of turtles in the Bahamas. Please take 30 seconds to follow this link to Oceana’s page and they have a form where you can add your name to send a letter to Michael Braynen, the Director of the Bahamas’ Department of Marine Resources, and tell him that it’s time for the Bahamas to join the rest of the world and protect sea turtles.

It’ll only take 30 seconds to make a difference!

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