Reminder: L.A. Science Blog Salon This Friday

Join the Science Blog crew this Friday, October 24 at noon in Los Angeles to discuss Obama, McCain and the sciences, courtesy of Farmlab.

From the salon materials:

Barring catastrophe, either Barak Obama or John McCain will be the next president of the United States. As such, he will be the single most influential figure in U.S. science funding for at least the next four years. But where do the candidates stand on the sciences, and to what extent will ideology affect their funding choices?

With the nation facing ballooning deficits, and the possibility of a risk-averse Wall Street pulling back from private sector investment, will alternative energy, stem cell research, space exploration, climate change and other important science fields be left by the way? Or will one of these two men lead the charge to a new era in U.S. science dominance?

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