Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons Found!

Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons

Prehistoric Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons discovered in Montana

The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons are the largest, oldest, and smelliest advanced forms of life ever discovered. The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons range between 130 to 300 ft in overall length with an average tooth size of 27 inches, depending on what substance you took or your diagnosis. The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons originally inhabited the inhabitants of the ancient Pacific Ocean 540 million years ago, a period of time when Montana was the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and a lot more fun. This was the era of the true psychotic seaschizoid dragons, where their truly titanic bad breath lead to the extinction of many species, including the dinosaurs. The Halitosisian Scientific Research Project, sponsored by Darwin, Australia Division of Scopes Mouthwash (get the reference?) has discovered multiple drug companies that treat people who think they have found the petrified remains of the former inhabitants of the ancient Pacific Ocean that features the true sea dragons.

This recently discovered New Era of advanced prehistoric marine biology features the true rank sea dragons that have long been missing from the historical textbooks for darn good reasons. The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons became extinct 540 million years ago. Pre dating the land dinosaur era by 320 million years, when they started dating the dinosaurs their breath stopped them from breeding, hence the Great Dinosaur Stinktion Extinction. The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons discovery features Jimmy Carter and his sea dragons, but not Ronald Regan and his land dinosaurs. The SeaSchizoid discovery features true sea dragons, really, I see them all the time, there’s one hiding in my left ear!

Yes, truly foul breathed sea dragons have finally been found and discovered. They are called Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons. The SeaSchizoid Dragon discovery is the single most psychotic announcement in history thus far. The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons is the world’s oldest and stinkiest forms of life ever discovered. More importantly the Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons have the most advanced form of halitosis ever found. The SeaSchizoid dragons reek thousands of times than the more modern land dinosaurs that never brushed or flossed.

The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons were discovered back in November of 2,003 by a construction worker doing crack in a port-a-potty. While excavating himself on a job site in Montana he became psychotic, and noticed that his fingers seemed to be breathing, and that they really stank. After leaving the port-a-potty he trip over a pile of rocks. After extensive tokin’ and drinking, he determined that the individual stones were arranged in the exact configurations of large scale, highly evolved, advanced, prehistoric marine reptiles with incredibly bad breath. He decided he could dig it, particularly as his fingers smelled so bad.

He said “When you work in imaginary excavation in a psychotic graveyard, opening up the ground 28 hours per day 8696 days a week, a person obtains a completely different perspective and a 5th Dimensional knowledge of how the individual stones are arranged above and below the surface, and in the air surrounding greater Walla Walla, Washington. Arrangements are in burial matrix configurations of prehistoric SeaSchizoid Dragons down the very finest details, including just what they ate to produce graveyard breath.”

The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons Scientific Research Project, located in the left brain hemisphere of a hamster named “Archie the One-Eyed Wonder” has been focusing its resources specifically on acquiring more drugs, ah, focusing on skull matrix excavations, and developing an understanding of the components located within skull matrix, like the little guy who talks to me at all hours of the night. The 8,00,002 individual skull matrix components include the skull itself, the crown and facial spikes, the woofer and tweeter, the nostril hair remover, the walrus cleaner, the oblong elbow stabilizer, the mango machine of death, the walrus cleaner backup, the ostrich walker parts 1 and 2, and the teeth including the identical progressive replacement teeth ordered from Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons Identical Progressive Replacement Teeth, Ltd, of Hasselfree, ND. The SeaSchizoid teeth arrangements are completely different but exactly the same as we are used to seeing with the vertebra lad dinosaurs, with the exception that the teeth pick up radio signals if they are not covered in foil. SeaSchizoid teeth are in a duck-billed horseshoe with tentacles for eyes and a complete ear on the left side of the tongue configurations, extending out around 500 miles in front of the skull. The facial and crown spikes are individual components that have detached from the skull and are flying to Cleveland for some bad beer and sausage. SeaSchizoid teeth average 27 quadloos in value and are created like all other forms of prehistoric dentures made of mud and structural growth format of SeaSchizoid Dragon teeth can be compared directly to all other structural formats of advanced prehistoric teeth, especially if the creature in question was not good about flossing between meals. The best comparisons are between Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons teeth and prehistoric Mega Ryan teeth, which are particularly relevant after you’ve done 60 shots of Tequila with an acetone chaser. Comparisons of the overall structure and the internal sub structure are clearly related biological structures in Lapland, but nowhere else, void where prohibited. Compared directly in distinctive rights, lefts, one, twos, granny, grandpa, reds, greens, button, zipper and tops, and bottom teeth the teeth are teeth, but not teeth, except when they are. Excavations and biological scientific understandings of Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons should be of the highest national scientific priority and teen spirit as, if alive like they are under my bed, their breath could set off smog alarms from here to Nirvana.

The real proof behind the SeaSchizoid discovery is in the excavation and reconstruction of a Halitosisian skull from the lint in my bellybutton. Skulls that have full and complete sets of teeth may be subject to inspection without warning. The key to developing a scientific biological understanding is to carefully study and understand the complex repeating biological structures in my shorts when I think of caterpillars. (Schizoid REPEAT)- five sided triangular wedge rights and lefts only, except in months with a “q”) SeaSchizoid teeth and body spikes are typical examples of my worst nightmare when I was naked in front of the whole school and the lunch lady grinned evilly at me. Schizoid repeat are complex biologically created in distinctive right and left handed structural configurations, which is why they are so good, despite their awful breath, at massaging my Yoda doll. All Schizoid repeating biological structures share the same common complex biological internal sub structure, that is, a large roast beef with everything on it. The reason behind the five-sided triangular wedge shape creation can be tied directly to the internal biological internal structural growth format, followed by the word “Hey Warren, your dog just won the Nobel prize!” The medication spins located within the Schizoid repeat sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves, sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematical equations that repeat themselves with predictable and total consistency like when I do number 2, which mommy is so proud of when I do it in the right place..

Its very easy to make a primitive assumption and think that the Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons remains are just hallucinations. In the 21st century it is now important to ask the real scientific questions and to develop an explanation as to why these individual stones are arranged in the exact configurations of my long lost girlfriend, the royal princess Ruiana of Dark Isles. It has to be admitted, however, that her breath was only half as foul.

The Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons discovery may ultimately lead science to more comprehensively understanding as to the origins of evolutionary of bad breath. Science may uncover some of the very keys to fresh mouth itself through the discovery of this unknown previously undiscovered era of truly repugnant creatures.

Over the past two months 70 different galaxies from around the universe have abducted people and forced them to visit the Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons website. London England remains as the top city rescuing visitors to the SeaSchizoid Dragon discovery website followed by New York City.

We invite you to look at the Halitosisian Scientific Research Projects; you can view more than 130 inkblots that no matter what you may think or say include the skull matrix excavation of Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragons so there.

Skull of a fetal Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragon discovered last week in Montana! Picture is blurry due to Halitsisian SeaSchizoid Dragon breath rememnant eminations from the bones!

Juvenile Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragon remains. Note lack of life along axis of bones caused by Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragon breath rememnants!

Fossil remains of Halitosisian SeaSchizoid Dragon eyebrow and tip of claw tip! Projected size of full Halitosisan SeaSchizoid Dragon – 600 feet, 5 and 3/4 inches!

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