Adult Stem Cell Therapy- Curing the Diabetes Epidemic

Health Authorities have been talking about the “Diabetes Epidemic” for a long time- almost half a century!

It is a somewhat silent epidemic which is now in its 46th year; is impacting hundreds of millions of lives; shows no sign of stopping or slowing, and is already consuming large portions of the national health budgets of financially weaker countries. Mexico and Indonesia are already under water and know it. India could be next with their 40 million diabetics, soon to be 50, then 60…..

Because the medical world believes that obesity causes diabetes and does not know the real cause; and because no one truly understands that The Epidemic has the power to demolish the medical infrastructures of some economically stronger, developed countries over the next 15 years, we naively think that if we can just get our diabetics to take their pills, then diet and exercise, all will be well. While probably true for the average diabetic, that answer won’t have any effect on The Epidemic’s crushing onslaught.

Ours is the only country with a half century of credible diabetes statistics, and yet no one–absolutely no one–uses them properly. Researchers routinely project the future impact of diabetes by ignoring the real numbers and coming up with imaginary results far below reality. These results hide the truth, which is that at the proven 45-year rate of growth of USA diabetics starting 1963, the CDC’s 2007 cost of diabetes ($174 billion) will top ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in 2025.

If your citizens are being slaughtered by the millions on the battlefield of diabetes, you’ve probably misjudged your enemy. The price tag for the world’s failure to learn this lesson is beyond the comprehension of all of us. If the next 15 years continue as have the past 45, many of the world’s medical infrastructures will collapse financially.

Yet for medical science it is business as usual. Islet cell transplantation and all its derivatives are a decade away from clinical use. Embryonic stem cells? Two decades from clinical use. The only new therapy that actually works clinically today, Adult Stem Cells, is being ignored. For more information on how stem cell treatment using Adult Stem Cells are helping Diabetics now go see my website for free information on this subject.
Maybe if we pretend the diabetes tsunami threatening the world isn’t real, it will go away. It won’t.

If you have any questions on adult stem cell therapy or if you are seeking stem cell treatment for diabetes (or any other condition), I urge you to contact me:

Mr. Don Margolis
Chairman and Founder
The Repair Stem Cell Institute LLC
[email protected]

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