How to narrow the gap of IC design industry between China and the world

Transistor is invented in USA, as well as semiconductor integrated circuit. By now, USA still leads the trend of the industry. According to the statistics of relevant materials, the amount of chip production line in China makes up of 2.5% of that in the world. China’s IC design industry still has a long way to go. After several decades’ of development, Taiwan lists the fourth in the world. But IC design industry of China mainland has a big distance from that of Taiwan.

Compared with the development of IC design industry in Taiwan and China Mainland, there are several reasons for the fast development of Taiwan IC design industry. The reasons are as follows:
(1)Abundant capital and technicians;
(2)Hi-tech companies come in to the market to finance.
(3)Set up science park and assist the manufactures to set up company and put into operation;
(4)Exempt certain taxes to encourage the companies to enlarge their factory;
(5)The employees are paid well and willing to work.

In order to advance the development of China mainland IC design industry, the State Council set up a national class area named Tianjin Binhai New Area and set up a hi-tech park here named Binhai Integrated Circuit Design Service Center (hereinafter referred to as BICDS) to advance the development of IC design industry. Take Taiwan IC design industry’s development as reference, BICDS provide the following free services for the companies in order to advance the development of mainland IC design industry.
(1)Abundant capital;
(2)Help the companies to set up factory, recruit employees and put into operation;
(3)Help companies to sell the products;
(4)Exempt certain taxes during a long period and supply all kinds of subsidies to help the company;
(5)Other free services or consultancy services that companies may need.

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