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This magazine was founded in May 2008. The aim that we proposed this activity was that we wanted people to be interested in science. Nowadays, more and more students in universities choose computer science, business, economics or other majors rather than science. We can’t say that those majors are useless but in my opinion, science is more useful. The reason is many problems at present day cannot be solved now. These problems are very serious such as green house effect, are causing great damage to the earth and human in the rate that we can never imagine. Most people know this fact but few are aware of how dangerous these problems are. It results only few people devoted to solving them. We hope people will show some interests in science by reading the magazines that we published. Our magazine is designed by ourselves. The articles are all written by our editors. Then as chief editors, we are going to check their spelling mistakes. After that we will give it to our editors to beautify it and put it into an electronic magazine. We will publish a volume each month and put it on our blog to let others, whoever wants to read it, download from the web.

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