Climate change and intelligent design

As a physics student for the first twenty or so years of my life I am now dispair. I do not dispute that human activity contributes to global warming. However. Climate change is a constant. At no point in Earths history has the climate been constant. It is a fluid. The relative impact of humans, volcanos, meteors, in comparison to the impact which the sun has on us is minute. I have not seen a scientific paper yet which uses any solar impact with respect to climate data. I have also seen a paper today which states that the magnetoshere is lower than expected. By around 25%. Not wanting to stress a point but this will have a far larger impact on the worlds climate than anything else. The energy transfered from the solar wind is possibly immeserable. This should this not be factored into government calculations. A whole 6Bn£ industry (in the UK) has been created on the back of save the world. Yes save the world. But please can we not give the human race that much credit. Enviromentalism is good. It has a deserved place in society and people who damage the environment should be prosecuted, however I feel that we as a society are now performing a witch hunt in order to remove all influences on a system that we don’t really understand. Maybe intelligent design is the way forward. I would rather shoot myself though than give up the ability of thought!

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