Are you worried of Learning?

Being an aspirant of giving the learner a better learning environment, which help them not only score the marks in examinations/tests but the knowledge aquiring in the respective subjects, i leapt into the area of principles od Instructions, content development..

As my founding, I suggest the Technical Learners to use the “Merrill’s Model” an outcome of Dr.Merrill, Utah University as the best model to be followed.

In a simple narration .. the model suggest learning based on an example/problem. It is named ‘problem centric study’. with a problem first the activation phase recollect the previous knowledge about the problem..

Then the demonstartion phase narrates how the problem can be solved and the related concepts…

The third phase the Application is an guided learning by the instructer for a new problem..

The output of all the three phases a learner aquires the knowledge about solving the related and a new situational problem in ease the integration phase..

That is the answer of the title question… any one who find a technical concept or problem been hard to be solved, can use the model to understand, study, and solve by themselves.

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