eSee (eco Safe Electronic Environment) – The Need

Though it is said that any medium of communication electronically (like television etc), as the electronic medium, is now widely found synonym as internet. The fact behind it is the fast growth and the adoptability of the ever-changing technology.

Wonder why I do talk about Internet in the area of eSee.

I do strongly believe a core correlation factor between both exists.

Let me explain.

Hope many of us pass through at least two or three smoky waste management plants on our way from out-skirts to the thickly populated cities. Those who nod their heads to say yes will also agree with me that the world is struggling to dispose the non-degradable waste. At least the one who hail from my own city Chennai, India definitely could have nod the head to yes.

To our interests, the huge amount of the non-degradable waste is the e-waste as we are in the era of “Replace is cheaper than Repair” – Is the mouse not working throw out and replace with the newer one. Is the keyboard not work, replace with the new one – and “Be the Latest and Trendy” – Though purchased the system a few weeks ago as a new featured series been introduced, the people change to the newer in the name of Improved Technology or the possession of the latest, irrespective of the fact the up gradation is really not needed.

We don’t have the attitude “Sufficient is Enough”.

Due to the above said reasons and more, the growth of the non-degradable electronic wastes found to be a new proportional factor for the growing bio-diversity or Global Warming, an add-on to the struggle to overcome the problems related to the eco-safes.

Thus an eSee is a vital need of the hour… What do I really mean by eSee (eco Safe electronic environment)? The internetworking of the computers and the components which are made up of degradable, eco-friendly elements is my vision eSee.

I work on gathering the notes on its possibility. Hope the researchers of the same interest too work towards it.

All the Best! for those who see the same vision, and contribute to create an eco-friendly electronic environment.

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