Speak Russian? Like Science?

Hi folks. I have long maintained that one purpose of running experiments on the Web is that the researcher can recruit participants without fear of geography. Recently, as reported first here, I launched my first foreign-language experiment.

In the last few weeks, I’ve tested 63 participants. That’s pretty good. But I’m looking for closer to 200 native speakers and 100-200 non-native speakers. Oh, and I want to present these data at a talk I’m giving in early Feb.

So…If you speak Russian please do this quick, five-minute experiment (assuming, of course, you haven’t already done it — the goal is not to just have data, but to have good data!). If you know somebody who speaks Russian, please pass the link (coglanglab.org/Sliktopoz) along to them. Many thanks!

As always, the results, when they can be released, will be discussed here.

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