I am missing the comments from my last post. Science depends on people who debunk the accepted view. I am well aware that my views do not fall into the accepted catagory. All of the data sets that I have seen for the last decade or so have been questionable to say the least. I do not doubt that the worldly average temperature is rising. But as anyone knows who has done an experiment, it is how you present your data that counts. The way that some of the scources that the media use however is despicable. Science training. Requisite to make a comment. Unfortunately this does not happen. I have seen the worst presented data confirm human activated globel warming, and data that confirms everyones worst fears. It is largely down the the presentation. Personally I think that the war is being won by the scientists. I will happilly forward articles to anyone who wants to send me a mail to [email protected] . I want a balenced view on things not one run by government policy, however at this time every government has bought in to the tune of a few BN.

Please just think about it.



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