The origin of gravitation

The origin of gravitation

zheng sheng ming


In the natural world, people have discovered four kinds of forces: the electromagnetic force, the gravitation, the weak force, and the strong force.Although the gravitation has been discovered more than three hundred years, its mechanism of origin is unclear until today. While investigating the origin of gravitation, I discovered that the moving photons produce gravitation. This discovery reveals the origin of gravitation. Meanwhile my discovery indicated that light interference fringes are produced by the gravitation which is created by moving photons. In other words, my discovery demonstrated that light is a particle, but is not a wave-particle duality. Furthermore, application of this discovery to other moving particles appears a similar effect. All these show the origin of gravitation and reveal the essence of matter wave.Along this way,I also unify the gravitation and electromagnetic force.


Since Newton discovered universal gravitation1, people have been thinking that the origin of gravitation only relate to the gravitational mass, and defined the gravitational mass in the expression of the gravitational force, so they have not investigated other reasons. Although many people had investigated gravitation, because their thought had been confined in the concept of gravitational mass, and due to the essence of gravitational mass had not been revealed, thus they had not discovered the origin of gravitation. Like below examples: the Eötvös experiment2, Fischbach analysis3, Einstein general theory of relativity4. All these investigations did not clearly show us the origin of gravitation. While investigating origin of gravitation I discovered that moving photons produce gravitation. This discovery reveals the origin of gravitation. In the process of exploring essence of light, Newton initially agreed with the particle5 interpretation of light while Huygens6 supported the wave theory. Hence, these two doctrines had been disputed in Newton’s time. In the beginning people accepted particle theory, but after Thomas Young’s experiment7 and Augustin Jean Fresnel’s experiment8, people accepted the wave theory. Wave theory was then accepted until Einstein9 proposed the quanta concept, which was later called photon10, and, even later, De Broglie11proposed the wave nature of matter. Subsequently, people began using particle-wave duality to explain all manner of microcosm phenomena. Thus, appear a contradiction: why one particle has two forms. To solve this paradoxical mystification, I have done some experiments and discovered that the moving photons produce gravitation. This gravitation produces wave phenomena.


below show the key phenomenon of my experiment:

?.3. Experiment 3: The following experiment was done in order to test the universality of the above conclusion. The experimental devices are shown in picture a of figure 3. The light beam O is separated by a ring as shown in picture c of figure 3. Light beam O then became two new light beams P and O, as shown in picture d of figure 3. Along with light moving forward, the five parts of higher intensity in the light beam P as demonstrated above experiment have more attractive force have been obviously attracting light beam O to become a pentagon. See picture 1-14 of figure 3. Only the five points of corresponding higher intensity in light beam O, which have moved to link with light beam P, come into contact. Note: at first light beam P and light beam O does not contact at all. It is impossible that this contact action occur in the wave theory of light. This action is not an effect of wave. It is an effect of moving photons produces gravitation. Demonstrating this effect: the point in the light beam O, which corresponding to the highest intensity of light beam P, was first attracted to light beam P. (See picture of figure3)

See picture of figure3)

Figure.3. Picture a shows the device of the experiment. Picture c show the ring site in light beam O, and pictures 1-42 are photographs showing that the form of light beam O has been changed from a circle to a pentagon by gravitation which moving photons producing in the moving forward light beam.

In order to decide this phenomenon was produced by gravitation, I performed further experiment 4. The device of the experiment is shown in picture a of figure 4. Picture d in figure 4 shows that other light beams do not move forward and that only light beam O is allowed to move forward; in this state light beam O has been keeping its circular shape. This phenomenon is shown in pictures 1-14 of figure 4. This demonstrates that if there was no other light beam, the light beam O would do not accept before gravitation.

Figure.4. This experiment demonstrates that light beam O does not change its circular shape when there are no other light beams moving forward.

In this experiment it was discovered that the light beam O did not change its circular shape when there are no other light beams moving forward, which is in contrast with experiment 3………….

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