Reaching Elementary Science Students on New Level

Teachers are having trouble finding time to squeeze in science education in many classrooms. Many in my neck of the woods prefer to teach the content solely through guided reading and neglect students of any hands-on inquiry. There has been a short fall of science interest as students rise in the education ranks due to the failure of many educators in lower education grades.

Personally, having a background and degree in science, it is easier for me to pass along a passion for the field of science. Although, it is hard to instill this love in teachers that lack the background knowledge or feel they don’t have time in their classroom with the current push for reading & math with standardized testing.

To compensate and make it a little easier for teachers, I’ve been building a science site that will help teachers reach students in a way that students prefer. The computer! I’m assembling an interactive website that gives students the opportunity to access games at their grade level, chat board to converse with peers on many different topics, adventures (most for those in the Atlanta, GA area), and more.

I invite all students, teachers, and parents to visit it at to take a look for yourself. See how it may fit in your teaching style and meet your students needs. I appreciate any comments or suggestions for the site through email or the discussion board. I’m still in the process of building it and figuring out the what to include/exclude to the site to maximize its potential. But one thing is for sure, I haven’t met a student yet that isn’t interested in getting on the computer to play games and chat. This just gives them an avenue to do it in which they are learning together and from each other.

It’s in its begining stages, but the few times I’ve used it in class I’ve had a great response. I encourage other teachers to create a local science site similar to mine that promotes activities and curriculum to your local area. If you do get proactive, please let us know and stay in touch to bounce ideas off each other.

Thank you for your time and interest in my post. I look forward to feedback from the professional community and hearing about your experiences with

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