Various Types of Home Page Determine the Success of Your Site

A first impression holds all the aces in every walk of life. Similarly, the home page of your website should be able to create a positive impact in the minds of visitors as it is the first page they visit. An inadequately designed home page can lead to discontentment among users and they won’t spare a second to say it good bye for good. In order to bring success for your website, you need to attract visitors and retain them for long with a well-designed home page. Generally, faster websites consume 2 to 3 seconds for downloading the home page. So, you need more or less 4 to 8 seconds to convey your intended message and persuade your visitors for browsing through your inner pages.

There are different ways of presenting your home page and making it unique so that visitors keep coming in. Select one that suits you and your site’s requirements completely and make use of it in the best possible manner.

Splash pages are the type of front pages that contain more than an animation or effective graphic and a link to enter the site. When you long for improving your site ranking in major search engines, splash pages can help you accomplish that objective efficiently. But, there is a problem in the use of splash pages from SEO perspective. Some splash pages get updated automatically whenever a new page is added which is not SEO friendly. In case of a splash page, you can keep the content to just minimum and put more emphasis on the quality of search tags and targeted keywords. Relevant keywords must be used for your site. Make sure that your splash page loads quickly. Slow loading can drive your visitors away. Splash pages have certain advantages and disadvantages. So, you must weigh every possible option before using them as your home page.

Navigation home pages are another variety that provides a lot of information in a limited space. They generally act like a doorway page by linking it with other essential web pages that your readers can go. Large websites with hundreds of pages are the perfect candidates for navigation home pages. Visitors know that the home pages of large sites don’t contain their desired information. They only visit the page to trace the route to their required information. Having information on your home page is always a great idea, but this is not feasible in case of large websites.

There are plenty of websites with one specific purpose. An informative home page comes in handy for such websites. The home page of these sites contains the information needed by users straightway. Informative home pages are generally put to use by sites that promote something, display artwork or publish family photo albums. Your business goal or objective must be an essential part of your informative page. You can attract your readers by displaying them a summary of the objective and then providing them details and additional information in support of that objective.

Your home page must be inline with your site requirements and skills. While navigation home pages won’t be appropriate for small sites with few pages, splash pages may not be used to derive optimum benefits by a novice flash designer. Selecting the type of home page depends on the kind of information and message you want convey through your site. It is the most important page where people usually make their first judgment.

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