Website Design is All About User Friendliness

Most novice web designers run after making their websites really attractive. You’ll come across a lot of graphics, images, animations and widespread use of JavaScript in those sites. This is not the end. There are also all types of curved borders in place of sharp corners, multiple background images for multiple sections of a page and plenty of functionalities in the form of navigation bars and menu bars. Though these sites boast a high quality appearance and functionality, the same thing can’t be said about their usability and search engine friendliness.

Designing a website doesn’t mean that you’ll make abundant use of graphics, colors and images. It involves many other important aspects to consider before starting your web design. Beginners are more inclined towards the flashy appearance of a website at the expense of other vital aspects. You can say that they taste success in their attempt to a great extent and make the site really a striking piece. Though a website must have aesthetic appeal, it must contain more important things than this. Even if your site wears a plain and simple look such as Google, it can survive and run successfully. But, lack of usability factors can threaten the existence of your site.

Every site in this world is designed and constructed bearing a specific purpose in mind. While some websites sell various types of products and services to their customers, some others are based on pure information. The usability factor of websites plays a significant role in accomplishing your desired purpose. The term ‘usability’ refers to how your potential visitors make use of your site and how expediently they obtain their required information from the site. Some of the usability elements can be summed up in the following manner:

The decision making process of customers is largely influenced by the quality and quantity of information available. Take an example into consideration. A customer may seek all the relevant information about a product before purchasing it. So, you can help him out by providing necessary product information in the home page. You can do this task in a better manner by having information about all the products at one place and link to that location from the home page.

Filling your site with useful information doesn’t end your task. Your visitors must be able to find that information quickly and easily. Otherwise, the website will turn futile. Avoiding any kind of difficulties, you can place information right before them or put a link which is well-visible to all segments of users.

An effective and efficient navigation system is the order of the day for any website. Visitors can put it into operation to move between pages in a hassle-free manner. You can create the same location for your navigation panel or bar on each and every page for the convenience of visitors. The navigation system must be compatible with all types of operating systems and browsers. Having your own site search engine and site map is quite advantageous for websites, particularly larger ones. These things also have positive impacts on user as well as SEO friendliness.

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