High Performance Single Strand Ceramic and Metal Fiber/Filament Production Now Available in the USA


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High Performance Single Strand Ceramic and Metal Fiber / Filament Production Now Available in the USA. This Includes New Fibers/Filaments Never Before Available

Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 13 February 2009

News Message:
Quantities of single strand/single crystal fiber materials are now being manufactured in the USA and commercially available from READE Advanced Materials as single strand fibers/filaments sized 0.001″ to 0.005″ in diameter.

The list of single strand/single crystal fiber materials now available includes: Amorphous boron, Boron carbide, Amorphous carbon, Diamond like carbon (DLC), Metal borides, Carbides, Ceramic, Intermetallic, Metallic, Nitrides, Oxides, Refractory metals, Silicides, Silicon carbide, Sulfides, Tungsten and Tungsten carbide.

“Designer” single strand/single crystal fibers can also be promptly manufactured to your chemical specification.

Fibers with no mercury content for ultra high temperature, corrosion or oxidation resistance, catalytic properties, high strength, low weight, high hardness, or other advanced properties are our specialty.

Popular end use applications include: Ceramic & metal matrix composites, Refractories, High temperature ceramic filters, Drilling tools, Specialty high temperature textiles, Plastic reinforcements, Ceramic armor, Aerospace, Batteries, Fuel cells, Reinforcement of turbines, Sporting goods and Superconductive wires.

Product Contact information:
Contact us at: [email protected] or +1.401.433.7000 to discuss your application requirement.

For more information:
Visit Our 2,200 page SuperSite at: http://www.reade.com

Company History:
READE is a 100 year old manufacturer and value add custom processor of specialty chemical solids (metal, alloy, ceramic, composite, ceramic fiber, metal fiber, filament, nanoparticle, powder, wire) with three strategically located customer care offices in The Americas at:

1) Providence, RI (Eastern Region (USA) & Northern Europe & Middle East) Email: [email protected]
2) Reno, Nevada (Western Region (USA) & Asia Pacific) Email: [email protected]
3) Republic of Panama (Latin America & Southern Europe). Email: [email protected]

General Contact Information:
Attn: Mr. Charles Reade
General Sales Manager
PO Drawer 15039
Providence, RI, 02915-0039, USA
Office Tel: +1-401-433-7000
Office Fax: +1-401-433-7001
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: http://www.reade.com

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