Morgellons discussion on Rumor Mills Radio

There has not been much information forthcoming with regard to the CDC study concerning the investigation taking place. CDC has said that there “might” be information by the end of the year. Holding my breath….? How is it they can identify Hunta virus, Ebola, Avian Flu and variants, bacteria from 2 miles beneath ice in Antarctica, water on Mars, 182 kinds of bacteria in skin (Human Skin: Completely Unknown Bacteria Detected Researchers found evidence for 182 species of bacteria in skin samples. Eight percent were unknown species that had never before been described. 01/05/2007, Medica article) in short order, and I could go on and on at the obivously blahtant STALLING at identifying what exactly causes Morgellons. They have given a pitance of 500K to Kaiser/Permenante, an organization that has been on the forefront in diagnosing sufferers as DOP. Like THEY are really going to acknowledge anything? And just how much lab time will 500K buy? Just amazing. Amazing that they have the buckyballs to think this is going to fly.

Whomever has created this is very powerful. DoD? Monsanto? The caliber is very large. If GMO’s are causing this in some sub-population group, can you imagine what the cost would be? Or if it is nano tech that is a bioweapon test?…maybe in 50 years the truth would finally worm it’s way to the light. It’s common knowledge the treachery that has already been confirmed over the years.

Rense.com had been an outstanding leader in publishing all the data, hosting numerous radio shows with a plethora of scientists, doctors, sufferers. They to date, do have the largest archive containing information and images pertaining to Morgellons. However………….and I can only come to this conclusion because of their last radio broadcast, they have become “OWNED.” I say that because, now, they are saying without even explaining any of their previous broadcasts that neither chemtrails nor nano caused this. WHY the change of heart? BOUGHT OFF. They have identified themselves as liars and disinformers like so many others. I am truly appalled. … operatives trying to change direction again, as usual, sounds like to me.

Anyway….there will be a radio broadcast tomorrow on Rumor Mills Radio ~ The show is Friday 11am to 1pm pst *NM* . It is an interview with Dr. Mike Castle who’s pedigree is listed here http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=142553.

My take on all the disinformation, debunking, stalling is because something wicked this way comes and will make Morgellons look like a bad case of poison ivy…..see this report http://www.naturalnews.com/025760.html. Accident???? Open your eyes. There is no money to pay for Social Security and TPTB have aces in the hole to play. Look at the generated chaos that is manifesting all around us. I say it was contrived and is being executed right on schedule. JMO, of course. Welcome to your Brave New World ~ Order. No scientists (rocket or otherwise) needed to “identify” that!!!! God help us.


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