Sex and the Brain

I am often asked if sex is a healthy behavior for the brain. Sex is a pleasurable behavior between two consenting adults that includes several contributions to brain health.
First, sexual behavior is physically activity and will increase the heart rate, thereby delivering more blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Second, Sexual intimacy involves human touch and is a highly formalized example of human interaction. The chemistry of touch is also critical to a sense of wellbeing and connectedness. Third, the brain typically enjoys experiences that are multisensory. Sexual activity involves nearly all senses resulting in a feeling of pleasure. Fourth, the expression of love is primal and typically associated with sexual behavior. Finally, sexual behavior can alleviate stress and help the brain to temporarily escape the hassles of daily life. In this sense it represents a type of relaxation and stress reduction.

Some research indicates the male brain thinks about sex every 60 seconds. This is different from the female brain that thinks about sex much less often. However, when the two adult brains are aligned and the chemistry of intimacy takes over, sexual behavior can be mutually beneficial to each brain!


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