Life Polymer

What is life polymer?
In the world, all animals and plants are life polymer. Human beings, animals, plants are all constituted by the small unit – cell. Cell is a one kind of body with life which also absorbs nutrition, move and makes replication by itself, which forms all function of biology. So, actually, we are one life polymer. From macroscopical aspect, we are individual; from microscopical aspect, we are a group of life polymer which constituted by lots of cells.
Take polypus as an example. It is a cannular organism that is constituted by lots of monomer-cell. Some cells make up of peptic which take charges of digest food while some cells make up of cannular mouth to catch the food. Scientists had discovered the polypus group has some common characteristics: the digestive system of polypus group is conjoined. The other part of polypus group can absorbs nutrition after the digestion of any individual polypus. The more amazing feature of this creature is that when one polypus rapture to pieces, that pieces could become lots of entire new and integrated polypus.
In survival, the cells are the role of biological control of information; some of the control of information is genetic which some of that is exchanged through some way. Cells compose of the various functions of the division of cells and organs, in the overall coordination with the completion of organism’s construction activities and survival. The life polymer constituted by some of the basic components is known as the close-type polymer.
There is another type of life polymer in the world – the discrete life polymer, which is constituted by group of individuals as the livings in a community. For example, the ant colony, swarm of bees, shoals of fish. Each of the swarm of bees is an essential component unit. These bees are also shared with their respective mandates, but they at the same time as a whole to survive in nature. A bee left the group like a cell leave the human body, it can not survive long-term in normal condition. Swarm just like as a person; it also has the birth, development and aging process.
Countries are also one kind of discrete life polymer. The country’s basic biological unit is everyone; in accordance with a certain degree of their mutual contacts and control they formed a whole. From a macro point of view, countries like the ant colony, with the overall function, with individual division of labor, and even she also like human beings, has its own characteristics and personality.
Indeed, even the lives of close-type polymer, there are some ways closer to the composition of discrete units. In the early stages of micro-organisms found, scientists had observed this phenomenon: humans and many animals have non-fixed body cells, for example, the white blood cell. It will move to everywhere with the movement of blood and body fluids. Is also a kind of stem cells can move to a location, and then settle there, to become a professional direction cells.
Polymer life is constitutued by a number of small biological units, with close or discrete polymerization manner. It is an object which has high-level overall function.

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