The significant of life polymer study

Life on Earth is basically life existed and developed in the form of polymers, for single-cell bacteria and no cell structure virus; they tend to be gregarious life. These life polymers have acommon characteristics and common law of the survival and movement, on behalf of the world’s senior campaign material form – life.
According to the cybernetics or black box’s concept of the information theory, we have all kinds of life polymer are regarded as a black box, and do not cares how the internal structure. By testing or observation of their external performance, we can find some basic common characteristics.
By studying a variety of life-polymer, we can identify their common characteristics and survival of the law, these characteristics and laws including the development and evolution of life polymer; how life polymer overcomed the various problems, etc. Based on these characteristics and laws, the scientific research will be carried out more effective to improve living conditions, and to solve many important issues among human beings and the biosphere.

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