Who was Darwin again?

I wonder how many people actually think that Darwin is an innovator. Not many was the reply I received from my peer who said that Darwin introduced a lifetime of quarrel between religion and science. I beg his pardon. The theory of Evolution was solely scientific and Darwin meant it to be that way. But religion just could not let it be. In Darwin’s time it was considered a heresy and it still is a heresy according to my grandfather who is an extremist when it comes to opposing Darwin. I can bet that half of the people reading this didn’t even know about the fact in the next line. In February we celebrated Darwin’s 200th birthday. Why such ambivalence of opinions towards Darwin?
He devoted his life to unraveling the mystery of life just like Galileo devoted his to ratifying the heliocentric model of the solar system. The least we can do is show appreciation to the ones whose intuitions and cognitions was (and is) higher than ours.

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