Where is the humility?

“Who are we to think that we are the supreme beings?” This is the question I wish to ask anyone who thinks that we can successfully solve the riddles of nature. First of all, the person who thinks that he is supreme lacks humility. Many of us do including me (for I would not even dare to write about this subject otherwise). Humility is of utmost importance for explorers of heavens (physicists) but it cannot be expressed lucidly for the job of a physicist is to explain the heavens. And there arises the dilemma. One can say that who was Einstein to claim that the space-time was bent? And until the answer to this question is delivered (by the proof of Einstein’s claim) one is free to presume that Einstein lacked humility.
Now let’s discuss the real world. Of course, every one of us is a pompous being with ego created by success. A PhD can brag about his erudite status just like a wealthy can brag about his profligate life. Now one might presume that these people lack humility just like one presumed that Einstein lacked humility. But there is going to be one profound difference. Einstein’s lack of humility was a presumption while a PhD’s and a wealthy man’s lack of humility is a universal truth. The one who agrees with me is either an Einstein fan, a person with humility or a person who just does not care. I would consider most of the reader belonging to the latter category just because it proves that many of us lack humility.

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