The Five Pillars of Brain Health: Socialization

Human beings need to be with other human beings. We really do not have a choice regarding this fact as it has been in our DNA since the beginning of time. Socialization was one of the critical factors of the enriched environment for animals that helped to foster healthy brain development. Research teaches us that humans who isolate or segregate have a higher risk of dementia than those who remain integrated in society. Dementia is a clinical term that refers to loss of general intelligence, memory deficit, loss of other thinking abilities, personality change, and functional decline. There are over 70 causes of dementia and AD is the leading cause of dementia in the United States. Socialization and brain health might be explained by the opportunity for communication, critical thought, creativity, emotional expression including intimacy, chemical connection, touch, and recreation that arises when two or more humans interact. Personal meaning and identity might also be a result of interpersonal activity or the creation of an entity or mission “larger than oneself.”

Dr. Paul Nussbaum

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