Few facts about science methodology

note: I will not enter in theology, but I will enter only in pure scientific thinking.


1) Let’s imagine that through the Earth is some unknown energetic field. We make some experiment hundred times, and it always shows the same results. After that, this unknown energetic field disappears. We make this experiment again, and it shows completely different results.

2) Let’s take some stone. Does this stone is composed of atoms ? Prove it ! Or it’s obvious ?!
Let’s imagine that we see atoms in one part of this stone by some very powerful microscope. Maybe the rest of this stone is not composed of atoms ? Or, we see atoms in the whole stone. Maybe after 5 minutes this stone will not be composed of atoms ?

3) Does the Earth really rotate ?
By the principle of relativity of the movings, if the Earth rotates, it must rotate about something else. So, or the Earth rotates and Universe stands, or the Earth stands and Universe rotates around it, or a little bit the Earth rotates and a little bit Universe rotates around it. Because we live on the Earth, why we don’t take that the Earth stands and Universe rotates around it ?!
(note: if the Earth stands and Universe rotates around it, the stars would be move with speed very much bigger than the speed of the light. And that is impossible by the theory of relativity. But, about 40 years ago, one mathematician, in the book of about 400 pages, proves that the theory of relativity is incorrect. The scientists, without arguments, just forgot this book).

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