The principle of working of the “UFO”

(an idea of Landau)

“UFO” is composed of 3 parts:
1) cupola;
2) lower part;
3) middle part;

The material of the cupola is denser in the bottom of the cupola than in the top of the cupola. (when the cupola is making, it is rotated in corresponding way). So, when the cupola rotates, it pulls the “UFO” up. The direction of moving of the “UFO” realizes by bow of the cupola. On the top of the cupola there is small convexity, which makes easier the start and manoeuvring of the “UFO”.
Lower part of the “UFO” rotates in the opposite direction of the rotating of the cupola.
Middle part of the “UFO” is static.
The 3 parts of the “UFO” are connected with mechanism similar to the mechanism of the popular Magic Dice.

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