4D, being the devils advocate here…

I know scientists are all pretty agreed on the fact that 4D is time, but I can’t seem to agree. The only reason 4D happens to be time is because it is the only effect on us above 3D that we can seem to currently comprehend with out expensive machines and extensive research. But 4D, being time, doesn’t line up with the other dimensions. The 0th dimension is a point of nothingness, the only thing in the universe that is “one” thing, and nothing more. Putting infinity of these together makes the 1st dimension, a line with no area or volume. When you put infinity of these lines together you get the the 2nd dimension, a unit with only area, but no volume. Infinity of these makes our most familiar dimension, the 3rd dimension, a dimension with volume, area, and all that other good stuff. Then comes the 4th dimension, widely believed to be time. I am not doubting the existance of time, or time as a “physical identity”, but I can’t believe that it is our 4th dimension. I have set up this extremely over-simplified example where you can see the dimensions not in infinit units to show what I mean. You start with a dot: “.” (0 dimension) when you take about 8 or 9 of these dots you can make it a line: “_” (1 dimension) this line when stacked 8 or 9 on top of eachother make a square, or the second dimension. When you press 8 or 9 of these squares on eachother you get a cube, or the 3rd dimension. Now following the pattern of every other dimension, in theory the 4th dimension should be somehow be able to be made out of infinity cubes. The way I see it, time is something that exists, but is not one of the dimensions. Although the third dimension cannot exist in the 2nd, and the 2nd not in the 1st, etc, time somehow manages to, as scientist believe, to exist in all the lower dimension. Dimensions can only exist in theory in a dimension higher than it. We can visualize a 2d image in the third dimension by seeing an image only in area, and we do everyday in pictures and television (not realisticly, but in theory), just as lines can be visualized in a 2d image, and a single point as well on that line, but you cannot create a 3d cube in a 2d image, only as illusion. If time was the 4th dimension, it would not actually exist within our dimension, but as an illusion like a cube drawn on paper. If time is not an illusion, but a physical manifestation, than time cannot be the 4th dimension, but something that surround us and all other dimensions. If time is somehow proven to be the 4th dimension, than it is proven that time exists to us as an illusion and nothing more, that we may be able to “see” or experiance time, but it does not actually exist to us, but would only be visisble/comprehedable in dimensions like the 5th or 7th.
Slightly off of my main point, the physical appearance of time in this dimension or by any intelligent life dwelling in this dimension (human beings for example…) is fundamently impossible. If time was the 4th dimension, following the patterns, time would look like an infinite number of cubes. I don’t believe humans can comprehend any dimension above our own, just like a two dimensional stick figure man could not even begin to believe or comprehend an object in volume that can move not just up, down, straight and back, but other movements like left and right.
This leads me to my last, and most ridiculous speculation which I just feel like talking about because I have one more hour to burn before class and find it embarrising and odd that I would even mention it, this is about movement. In the 0th dimension there is no movement, it is a point of nothingness, a unit of one or nothing, thus no movement. 1st dimension you add two movements, forward and back. In the second dimension you add two more movements, up and down (not counting diagnals). In the third, two more are added, left and right. If you believe, like I, that dimensions, like math and science is often discovered through consistant patterns that identify the said “objects” with eachother, making them all related, than the 4th dimension be it time or whatever will add to more movements, probably, like the dimension itself, incomprehensible to us dwelling in 3D.

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