Stem Cell Research: Canada Man Gets Help for His Multiple Sclerosis

Stem Cell Research Helps Vancouver Resident With MS

Canadian native, Arndt Roehlig is the latest Multiple Sclerosis patient to be helped by stem cell research. Arndt was injected with his own adult stem cells back on March 6, 2009 and since then has seen improvements in his quality of life.

Arndt, a Vancouver resident, first became interested in stem cell therapy for his multiple sclerosis when he read a story about fellow Canadian Louis Zylstra, a professional golfer who was able to return to the golf course after her multiple sclerosis had forced her to give it up.

Adult Stem Cell Treatment in Israel

Zylstra was helped after seeking stem cell research in Israel where Dr. Shimon Slavin was treating patients with their own Adult Stem Cells. Arndt saw the stem cell success story and was inspired to seek out the same stem cell treatment as his multiple sclerosis was getting worse.

Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis Experience

Here is the whole stem cell experience in Arndt’s own words–

“I wouldn’t call it success just yet, as I am careful not to report a reversal when it is still early.

I had a bone marrow extraction performed on me in Tel Aviv in late December, 2008. This procedure was quick and I suffered no side effects at all after my butt healed. Dr. Slavin’s team then did their magic which took approx. 2.5 months to grow the needed stem cells from my bone marrow donation. The experience then really started in Istanbul, as non Israeli citizens are not allowed to receive stem cell treatment in Israel as of yet.

I arrived in Istanbul on Friday afternoon on March 6th 2009. As I was advised to stay an additional day after my planned procedure, which was booked for Saturday, I was booked to fly home on Monday morning, thinking this would leave me plenty of time to recover from the stem cell infusion. As it turned out, it is very common to feel nauseous, have headaches and be vomiting for several days after the infusion. I experienced all three symptoms, which felt like a really terrible case of food poisoning. As I arrived, the service that picked me up stated I will be receiving the stem cells that evening, so a day early. Sure enough, as soon as I checked in to the Florence Nightingale Hospital there, I was wheeled into the radio room where the Spinal surgeon quickly administered the anesthesia into my spine, about half way up my back. Within minutes following, I received the stem cells. The whole procedure was about 15 minutes long and involved no serious pain. I was wheeled back into my room and ate dinner. That was the last food for three days, as I felt very nauseous and vomited without sleep for three days. I did hear however, another patient that received the same treatment that day never vomited, just had a terrible headache for three days, so everyone reacts differently to the treatment in terms of side effects.

Monday morning came by and I was still feeling terrible, so after another visit across the street to the hospital, I received some more IV help so I could get on the plane. As I had a layover in London for 3.5 hours, I found a couch where I actually slept for two hours for the first time in three days. When I awoke, I felt a sensation I never have had before. It felt like the whole pressure from my MS dissipated and almost like a massive weight off my shoulders, wow. Then as I got home and slept in my bed, I noticed that my usual cramps that I have at night time also went away completely. Although, I must say that the cramps did come back since then, however not as strong as they once were. My experience since then has been quite good, to date (~2.5 months since infusion), I have recorded MS attacks, however, they are no where near as overwhelming as opposed to my continuous attack prior to infusion. My masseuse (once a week treatment) reports my back, which used to be riddled full of knots and tension is now normal and soft.

As for the progression of my disease, I think the disease is still affecting me, especially I notice symptoms on my left leg may have gotten a bit worse. However, I am just as of late feeling some potential improvement in my ability to walk a straight line without dragging my right leg behind me. Also, some parts have gotten better for example, I can get my right leg into my pants while standing again. This could just be a calm part before the disease progresses, or it could be the potential of nerves growing back and hence ability is better. It is obviously still too early to say for certain, but so far I am feeling very positive and according to the stem cell specialist Dr Slavin in Tel Aviv, I am not to feel much potential in the first three months anyway.

This experience so far has given me back my life as I was suffering a dramatic downward shift in mobility just before the infusion and thus can plan my life a little bit better as compared to before the infusion.

I would so far definitely endorse my treatment and advise people to try it. There is no downside risk except for lost money. There is no chemo therapy.

I hope I explained my experience well enough and will update my experiences again in the near future.”

Best regards,

Arndt Roehlig
Email: [email protected]

If you want more details on Arndt’s stem cell research experience with his own Adult Stem Cells, please email him at the above email address.

Arndt is just the latest Multiple Sclerosis patient to be helped by stem cell research using his own stem cells. See other stem cell success stories at Stem Cell Research

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