Earth expansion or not – an attempt to solve a controversy

There is a deep controversy today between those who believe that Earth has expanded and those who do not. Some think that since the ocean floor in the Pacific Ocean is about 125 million years old the earth has expanded dramatically since then but there is no hint for a mechanism behind. Others think that the size of the Earth has always been the same but then there is a problem to explain why continents seem to fit together if the size of the Earth was smaller. An attempt to solve this controversy can be found in my article stored at

Some statements from the article are

  • “Keep it simple but not too simple” is used for the evolution of the Earth.
  • Since entropy increases with time, focus is on simple solutions when considering the early Earth
  • The Earth was compressed since it was the core of a gas planet.
  • The expansion of the Earth ended 3 billion years ago.
  • Water covered the whole Earth and when enough water had evaporated land appeared. This caused the Cambrian explosion 550 million years ago.

The nice things are that no strange or farfetched mechanisms are needed and that the hypotheses strengthen each other and are shown reasonable by facts.

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