It’s June, 2009 Morgellons Time

First, there is no cure for this, and I would suggest reading ALL my blogs on this topic~


You may be able to lesson the outbreaks but only temporarily. I would be very very wary of any claims to cure and of anything nano. There is not enough evidence to show it is really safe, and a lot more evidence to show it is harmful.

Google article “US Experts Call For Tighter Controls on Nanotechnology” quip “Speaking after the US Environmental Protection Agency took its first step to regulate a nanomaterial — near atomic-sized particles of silver being used as pesticide in products from shoes to a washing machine — experts told AFP that nanotechnology is already producing materials that can harm the environment and human health. “There are some very serious concerns about potential health consequences,” said Patrice Simms of the US Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). “We know next to nothing about their potential health effects,” said Simms.”

I ask everyone to contact the CDC and all the Congresspeople AGAIN, reminding them we are still waiting and they are still stalling……

***UPDATE: Contact information from prior communications with spokesman from CDC

Please direct emails to: [email protected]

Ask for an update or an explanation as to what end they are stalling…we have been very patient!

Does it not seem strange to you that the CDC can identify a rouge virus that consists of part human, part avian, 2 part swine from different continents and they can’t identify (won’t) what organisms are causing our HORRIFIC suffering? People, please don’t be complacent about this. You realize we were told the flu virus will most likely mutate in the Fall – hummmm, Stephen King’s “The Stand” comes to mind. The officials are still stalling – still covering some entity butt – still buying time….for what? Is there a game plan being put into play?? If they can identify the freaken mutant flu virus in a nanosecond, do you still have doubts they can’t identify this?? Truly! The CDC has not been our friend, has been covering and stalling and is a FIBER lint Bucky ball in some evil, dark, DEEP pocket, doing their bidding. Greed and corruption has always been the reason evil exists. Speak up, shout, be PROVOCATIVE…contact Mr. Dan Rutz and whomever the new head is, and Washington DC – ask them again, for the truth. Thank you, Mm

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