Vaccine for herpes in final trial phase

A nationwide trial is underway for a vaccine to prevent herpes infections. Approximately one out of four women in the United States has genital herpes. Symptoms are often subtle, and most people don’t know they have herpes, but genital herpes is among the most common infectious diseases. Healthy women aged 18-30 may be eligible to participate in the trial. From the Mount Sinai School of Medicine :New vaccine for herpes in final trial phase

Mount Sinai School of Medicine is seeking healthy women volunteers 18-30 to participate in Multi-Center, national trial

Approximately ONE out of FOUR women in the United States has genital herpes. Symptoms are often subtle, and most people don’t know they have herpes, but genital herpes is among the most common infectious diseases. This is why Mount Sinai School of Medicine has joined with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals in the Herpevac Trial for Women. Healthy women aged 18-30 may be eligible to participate in the trial.
The herpes virus causes cold sores and genital herpes. Although thousands or millions of Americans have the disease, 90% are unaware of this infection. Even people who do not have visible symptoms can spread the disease. The disease burden is estimated at between $300 million to $1 billion per year in the US alone. There is no treatment that can eliminate the virus.

The Herpevac Trial for Women is investigating a promising vaccine to protect women against genital herpes. This vaccine does not contain live virus and cannot cause herpes infection. It has passed preliminary testing for safety and effectiveness and is now in its final phase of clinical trials.

For this study, Mount Sinai and the more than 20 other sites involved in the trail are seeking to enroll approximately 7,550 women. The Herpevac Trial for Women is open to healthy females between the ages of 18 and 30 who are negative for both HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Women who are interested in volunteering for the clinical trial will receive a very accurate blood test that looks for antibodies (the immune system’s response) to both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Participants can obtain results of the test by calling the Herpevac Trial for Women Test Result Hotline two weeks after having the blood drawn. In addition to providing results, this Hotline has trained counselors to answer questions about the test and test results so that women who test positive for herpes can understand what this means to them.

Volunteers will be randomly assigned to receive either the candidate herpes vaccine or and an investigational hepatitis A vaccine. Participants will receive three doses of either vaccine within the first six months of the trial and will be followed for a total of 20 months through periodic clinic visits and contacts.

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108 thoughts on “Vaccine for herpes in final trial phase”

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  2. Hi, I am so glad to hear that people love themselves and have chosen not to let this virus define who they really are. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and the only thing keeping me going is that I am positive that a cure is just around the corner. It is hard emotionally to know that there is nothing out there that can cure you right now. And I do feel that not enough is being done to bring this to the forefront. I guess the statistics are not alarming enough to get officials off their butts to do something about it. Anyway, keep the faith, stay in prayer and remember that we are wonderful people that deserve a chance at a wonderful life.

  3. I just got my diagnosis today but i was pretty dumb about mine. I was accepting and was engaged to a man who had HSV-2. We wer very careful but yea I still got i. I went to get tested 2 weeks ago when we broke up & now I have the memory of him..forever. I think it does suck that there are people out there with HSV-1 who are so careless and don’t even bother telling partners about it and then here we are with HSV-2 tryig to figure out the BEST possible way to break the news…I dont know. I’ve been thinking about dying alone with dogs all day or my other option going back to him & settling unhappily but damn it i don’t want to. I want my old perky self back…i’d almost rather die alone than have to tell a guy i have HSV-2 and then only have him reject me.

  4. Thanks for your post, your words fill me with hope. I am 21 and contracted hsv-2 via condom use from my lying, (now ex) boyfriend. I haven’t been involved with anyone since these past 8 months and I am afraid to. But your post gives me some courage and faith that this is not it for me and I can one day enter a relationship and receive love. Sorry abt how you contracted the virus but I’m happy to see you’ve moved past it. Thanx again for the story.

  5. I have had herpes for 7 years,I contracted it on my 18th birthday after being date raped. I agree there’s a lot depressing storys out there,or a lot of ppl. Who think it’s god’s will,personally I’m an atheist and find no comfort in tht,nor did it do me any good to read depressing stories being 18 and scared,confussed and ashamed.I wanted to know how any one could ever love me and how do I tell them.Well suprisingly few ppl. Were put off by me having herpes,I’ve been on acylovir for 7 years so that’s done a great job of supressing it,I’ve used condoms outside of the 2 major relationships I’ve had,I’ve always been honest about it and its usualy met with an attitude of ‘its not a big deal’ but there were a few that never talked to me again,but it wasn’t that great of a loss,I moved on.I’m ingaged to the most amazing man,I told him after our first date and a month of talking on the phone for hours each night- I honeslty believed he would be one of those guys who went running the other direction.But he didn’t.He was non judgmental,did research on it to better understand and insisted on using condoms for the 1st month we dated.We fell in love fast and he trusted me that the medication had prevented me from having an outbreak for nearly 6 yrs and we stopped using condoms.Its been over a year and he’s never had symptoms and has tested negative.We both prefer he never get it and I will remain on my medication,however if it happens he seems to have reconciled himself to accepting it-which as I previously stated is suprising to me for someone that is atheletic,eats healthy and has never done a drug or smoked in his life,but it goes to show you its possible to find someone who can love you and live with it too.I also didn’t lower my standards or compromise,he’s very educated,very sucessful,very attractive,has the same sense of humor as me,spoils me and treats me like a princess, shares the same political and philosophical views as me, respects me,supports me in all my endevaors and is absolutely faithful,honest and true.I never could have pictured myself where Iam and who I’m with when I found out I had hsv-2,I thought I would never be good enough for the kind of man I wanted……but I did,so there’s hope for others too.I hope this helps someone,this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this,my best friend was diagnosed with hsv and I’m loking for helpful sights for her, I hope she reads this and trusts me that its not the end of the world,she’s still worthy of love and even one night stands provided she’s honest and safe.

  6. My story and I hope it helps someone. I received herpes when I was 18 from a guy who raped me. I was new to college and he became a close friend of mine (so I thought) for about five months. I got Mononucleosis at some point toward the end of our friendship and I was extremely sick. I called my parents to come get me after I barely could pick up the phone and they were not at home. I called him and he told me to come over there and stay with him, didn’t seem odd, I was young and he seemed like a nice guy. So I gathered all the strength I had and drove to his place. I immediately laid down and he brought me some soup. Once again, didn’t seem odd, he was a friend to me and I had three older brothers and a father. So I knew that men could care. I ate the soup and went to sleep, hard. I woke up to him raping me. I tried to fight but that was it. It was too late. I tried to leave but he was angry and told me I wasn’t better than him. I cursed and cried like I had never before. Needless to say, he told me I wasn’t better than him and that he had herpes but not to worry because if I did get it. He would be there for me (I now look back and think he must have been truly crazy but at 18, you don’t recognize these things). Somehow I was able to leave. I drove home after that and never told my parents. I wish I would have drove home before that, everyday living in the past of this experience is a nightmare. I went to the doctor about a week later for what was later diagnosed as MONO (Epson Barr), the sickness I had when I was rape and they told me that I did not have any STD from the rape. Three weeks later I went for the SYMPTOM (herpes bump) and was told that is was not herpes. It sounds stupid but I never told anyone about the rape. I blamed myself for “leading” this guy on. I mean who goes over to someone’s house or at least that’s what I was taught about women who get raped. “They deseve it.” I also never told because I felt I could get past the rape and I didn’t have a disease (so I thought). I was just so thankful I didn’t have a disease at the time. 10 years later and only 2 ex boyfriends (both officers), of which don’t have the disease, I found out from the military that I do have herpes type 2 after going for THE OFFICER’S PHYSICAL (I AM A RESERVIST, was thinking about going active). So I know now the SYMPTOM I had after the rape was herpes. I have NEVER had another symptom. I do take really good care of myself and that may be why. All I know is that I thank God that I don’t have to see the disease manifesting on my body and I am truly sorry to those who do. It’s not fair either way and I pray that GOD will step in for all of us and answer our prayers. I have had to do a lot of spiritual soul searching and I live my life knowing GOD will take care of me and ALL THINGS WORK TO THE GOOD. I just found out in Dec of ’09. I am still wavering because I don’t want my military officer packet diclosing an STD. So I am thinking about getting out of the military. I am still dealing with the shame, people see STD and not the truth. I also feel like GOD may not want me to be in the military. All I know is that I have to TRUST in GOD because to try and rationalize my life story is just too much. Thoughts of suicide and knowing that a selfish person, who didn’t know GOD, has stolen my dream, are enough to cause detriment in anyone’s life. I mean ten years later and wham!!! The hurt of rape, the loss of self(God’s is rebuilding now) and the shear shame of having that in my MEDICAL RECORDS, permanently. I have to believe because I wouldn’t be here. I HOPE I can one day be an inspiration to other young ladies because I KNOW there are countless women out there who have had their lives taken away from them because of some guy’s selfish agenda. I KNOW there are others who have gone through RAPE and STD’s, something people don’t talk about. I am currently submitting applications for Grad school (maybe the direction God wants me) and going taking a really great job in DC. I am just living each day knowing that GOD has a purpose for my life and for everyone life. IT’S up to us to TRUST, BELIEVE and LET GO AND LET GOD take over. Now I could be bitter but I choose to forgive, as I would want to be forgiven for anything I could have done wrong. Seems like apples and oranges to some but I EXPECET A MIRACLE and I EXPECT GOD to DO HIS WILL IN MY LIFE. I pray for everyone who is going through some bitterness and anger. LET GO AND LET GOD heal your pain and do something greater than what has been sent to try and destroy you.

    AND YES, I am ASYMPTOMATIC FOR 9 yrs and 9 months. For millions this seems to be the case. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, no matter what!!!

  7. I know that it is difficult but you are all beautiful and nothing can take that away. stop getting depressed when reading all the info. It’s life, people suffer with all kinds of ailments, some life threatning. Stop worrying, have regular health checks, which everyone should do anyway. live your life and be honest its nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. i believe you are barking up the rite tree…because its impossible their isnt a cure yet..i believe its some money making scheme….2 keep people living of there drugs so they never go poor and i find its not fair we live in world thats so corrupted by greed,that no one has seem to come up with a solution…….god help us all

  9. I think something needs to be done & soon! this has gone on long enough now. researchers have been searching for a cure for herpes for yrs & im sure its been found by now jus haven’t been made public. trust me many ppl say that doctors don’t want to find a cure because $ would be lost being that the treatments & supressors would no longer be needed, but no I do not think $ would be lost, I thnk this would give ppl their lives back & make them happy once again. there are many sufferes out there & I think I speak for all of them when I say something needs to change.

  10. Is there anyone that does not show symptoms or very mild symptoms and is HSV2+? I always included HSV2 on annual visits and this past visit it was+ by western blot so I know I’m +. I did go through a tough time after finding out but now 3 months post I have come 2 terms but I still have my moments of panic just knowing. But I guess what I’m asking is all I read is what people post when they are really bad emotionally due 2 really bad physical outbreaks. I just would like 2 hear other people’s story….telling partner(s) ect….I wish there was a cure but I predict that it will be no time soon. these articles I find on vaccines are so outdated its scary.

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